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Tickets Already Sold Out To New 'Star Wars' Film; Fans React To Claims It's 'Anti-White'

LOS ANGELES ( — Several websites crashed Monday under the crush of fans trying to buy advance tickets to the new "Star Wars" film.

Advance tickets for JJ Abrams' "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" went on sale Monday night hours after a thrilling third trailer aired during halftime of Monday Night Football, which further ignited the frenzy. and momentarily went down.

The plot of the film is still shrouded in mystery but what's clear is that Harrison Ford is reprising his role as "Han Solo" and Carrie Fischer will return as "Princess Leia." But where is "Luke Skywalker"?

Meanwhile, a social media movement popped up on Twitter Sunday night asking fans to #BoycottStarWarsVII. The creators take issue with the film casting John Boyega, an African-American actor, as the lead character "Finn" and say it alienates the franchise's "largely white male audience."


Other "Star Wars" fans are firing back on this "racist" campaign.


These fans made it clear that, as many clamor to get their hands on tickets, anyone who chooses not to see the film won't be missed.

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