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Thieves steal a dozen goats from Ontario farm

Ontario farm desperately seeking return of 12 stolen goats
Ontario farm desperately seeking return of 12 stolen goats 01:51

Police are searching for a dozen goats that were stolen from an Ontario dairy farm earlier this week.

The owners of Drake Family Farms say that someone cut through one of their fences and took a dozen goats from them on Monday and is offering a reward for their safe return. 

A trail of damage leads to the chain link fence that the thieves cut to gain entry to the farm. 

"It's just so sad to see someone would attack such a small family farm," said Cassandra Murillo, a supervisor at the farm. "You don't ever really think about it happening, you know, until it does."

She says that the farm's owner, Dr. Drake, adores his goats and knows them each by name. He's desperately hoping they're brought back safely. 

To make matters worse, all of the adults that were taken were either pregnant or left baby goats behind. One had given birth literal hours before the incident, leaving two kids behind. 

"They really rely on their mom the first few hours, especially when they kid overnight because it's cold right now," Murillo said. "They need the mother's warmth, the mother's colostrum."

Surveillance video from the farm, albeit grainy, shows the moments that a car's headlights arrive just outside of the goat pen on Schaeffer Avenue at around 11:30 p.m. 

So far, Ontario Police Department officers don't have any leads and are hopeful that someone from the public can come forward to help their investigation. 

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