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Gone In 10 Minutes: Thieves Nab Travolta's $100K Mercedes-Benz


SANTA MONICA (CBS) — Thieves drove off with actor John Travolta's vintage 1970 Mercedes-Benz while he was shopping at a Jaguar dealership in Santa Monica Sunday, police reported.

Travolta left the car, estimated at $100,000, in a residential area in the 14000 block of Berkeley Street. The actor then walked to the dealership on Olympic Boulevard, according to Santa Monica police.

The "Saturday Night Fever" star spent only 10 minutes inside before he came back and found his car had been stolen.

He walked inside a local liquor store for help.

"He asked me if I had any cameras seeing that way and I said, 'No, I'm sorry,'" said the owner of the liquor store, Farshad Okhoval.

Okhoval didn't know who Travolta was -- "Do I have to know everybody?"

Travolta went on to ask Okhoval if he'd seen anyone stealing his car, but the owner said he hadn't witnessed the grand theft auto.

John Travolta's Car
(credit: CBS)

"He was worried not upset," Okhoval said.

Santa Monica police have no leads on the suspect.

"A car can be lifted in under a minute depending on if you're a professional...depending on whether you know the security features of a car,"Sgt. Richard Lewis said.

The actor reportedly left the convertible unlocked but had the key with him.

Travolta's rep said he had no comment on the theft.

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