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Thieves Target Used Car Batteries On Cal Poly Pomona Campus

POMONA (CBSLA) — A recent rash of thefts targeting college students in Pomona. When they all realized they had the same thing stolen, campus police knew they had a major problem on their hands.

On Monday five college students on the Cal Poly Pomona campus came to find out they all had the same engine trouble -- it was their batteries.

"I mean, who walks around with a car battery un-suspiciously?," said Cal Poly Pomona student Kevin Prado.

Apparently, the thieves who pried open all those hoods and ripped them right out.

"They're using some type of tool to force open the hood and then once it's open, cut the battery cables and remove the battery," said Cal Poly Pomona Police Lt. Aaron Eaton.

What would someone want with multiple used batteries?

"Thieves can be ingenious sometimes. They use them for all kinds of different reasons," said Lt. Eaton.

Lt. Eaton says some crooks drain the battery acid to make meth but more than likely they're recycling them for money.

"This is crazy. I mean it's gotta be someone from outside coming in," said Cal Poly Pomona student Denise Guevara.

Police think so too. They say three more batteries were recently stolen from campus equipment like a portable parking lot light.

"I think it's absurd. Obviously," said Guevara.

And with midterms coming up, Prado said "it's just an unnecessary stress."

Students hope whoever is doing this eventually learns their lesson.

"Just be smarter," said Prado.

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