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These Hollywood Shops Have Gone To The Dogs

(credit: Zoom Room)

Hollywood loves their canines. From posh pedigrees or fluffy rescue mutts, Tinsel Town is home to dogs of every spot and stripe. Though the trend towards posh over-pampering, like teacup Chihuahuas being toted around town in a Louis Vuitton carrier, may make the pages celebrity magazines, these recommendations for pet businesses that provide top notch services and products are for every dog. These Hollywood dog destinations offer up the best in rescues, supplies, grooming, training, boarding and daycare. Just ask my dog Gulliver -- he's given his paw of approval on all of them.

(credit: Julie Wolfson)

Jimi's Angels at Bark n' Bitches

505 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 655-0155

If you are insistent on owning a pure-bred pup, then by all means please find a reputable breeder who treats their animals humanely. If you are ready to open your heart and your home to a dog in need, then head over to Jimi's Angels at Bark 'n Bitches on Fairfax. On any given, day the store will have up to two dozen adorable dogs available for adoption. The small boutique pet shop carries all of the essentials and the staff and volunteers keep the dogs cared for all day, making them some of the most irresistible rescues around. So go adopt, donate time or funds, and buy dog supplies there, too. (We found our Gulliver there and love him madly.)

(credit: Julie Wolfson)

Orange Bone

7574 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 852-1258

For grooming, head to Orange Bone on Melrose, just east of Fairfax. They cater to posh pups as well as fluffy mutts. Orange Bone works with many rescue organizations like Jimi's Angels and gives special discounts so the rescued pups can have better chance of getting adopted. Grooming options range from nail trims and basic wash to the "de Lux" treatment. Once a month, they offer non-anesthetic teeth cleaning. The friendly staff makes the process of dropping off a beloved pet for some pampering a piece of cake. Their shop is filled with unique pet products. Check out the slide show on their website for a cavalcade of canine cuteness.

(credit: Zoom Room)

Zoom Room

726 North La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Everyone in your home and in your life will love your dog more if it is well behaved. Zoom Rooms comes to the rescue of dog owners who are looking for a fun, non-intimidating place to take obedience classes. Speaking of fun, they also offer agility classes and pooch parties. Trainer Sarah Stotler explains the Zoom Room philosophy: "Zoom Room is all about positive reinforcement training. We want you and you dog to have a good time here. We have trick-and-clicker training. It's fun for the whole family. We have circuit training coming up as well. It's a workout class that you workout with your dog. We have urban herding where we teach dogs how to herd the bog yoga balls, can goods, soda bottles, toilet paper rolls, to keep them busy inside the house. We want dogs to be learning and having fun."

(credit: Julie Wolfson)

Urban Pet

7515 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-2100

Next door to Heath Ceramics on Beverly Boulevard, Urban Pet was founded by pet guru Zack Grey. This independent dog superstore offers a comprehensive inventory of the most up-to-date pet products. The shelves are filled with just about anything dogs might need and some fun extras too. Grey is a professional pet trainer and oversees their program for group classes and in-home private training. Urban Pet also offers vaccination clinics, teeth cleaning, and pet photography.

(credit: Julie Wolfson)

Pooch Hotel

950 North Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 465-5810

Entering the Pooch Hotel on Highland Avenue, one is struck by the utter lack of dog pee smell. It's thanks to the expert staff, who make it their mission to take great care for the daycare and boarding dogs while keeping the place immaculately clean. Across the lobby is a glassed-in pool room for pups who love to swim. The line-up of doggie life vests is priceless. The rooms for boarding range from comfortable and small to a bit larger with a small sofa and TV running pet-friendly programming like the ultra adorable Too Cute. Pooch Hotel offers safe and careful daycare, boarding, and even a spa for some pampering. Soon after adopting Gulliver we needed to leave town for few days for work and felt completely confident he was in good hands at Pooch Hotel.

(credit: Julie Wolfson)

Margo's Bark

What does root beer have to do with dogs? With this root beer…everything. Margo's Bark began as an elementary school science project and was such a big hit at Oscar Youd's school that it inspired his parents Jessica and Tim Youd to launch a line of cane sugar root beer. How does it taste? Delicious, but what is really amazing is that all proceed from the sales of Margo's Bark get donated to dog shelters and rescues. The list of organizations they support are also good places to adopt pets and make donations. So go buy a Margo's Bark at Urban Pet, BLD, Frosted Cupcakery, Erewhon, House, Umami Burger, Veggie Grill, Milk, Coffee + Food, The Oaks Gourmet, Franklin Tavern, Salt's Cure, Storefront, Tamarind Ave Deli, Let's Be Frank, and The Hungry Cat and help a pet in need.

Julie Wolfson (@juliewolfson) is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. She covers travel, lifestyle, art, pop culture, cocktails and food for Cool Hunting and several other media outlets. Most days you'll find her out and about in Southern California and around the world tracking down stories about talented people doing amazing things.

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