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Getting To Know Theo James, Hollywood's Newest Brit

Theo James has been heating up the silver screen since audiences worldwide saw him in the film "Divergent" alongside Shailene Woodley, and he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

In addition to finishing out the rest of the "Divergent" series with "Insurgent" and "Allegiant," James has also been tapped for upcoming projects like the "Underworld" sequel "Underworld: Next Generation" as well as debuting at Tribeca Film Festival in "Franny" with Dakota Fanning.

Being from the U.K., James is yet another British actor taking over Hollywood, but there are a few other things not many know about the latest teen heartthrob.


Full Name: Theo Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis

Birthdate: December 16, 1984

Height: 6' (1.83m)

Birthplace: Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Best Known For: The Divergent Series, Underworld: Awakening, The Inbetweeners Movie

Little Known Facts:

-Musically Inclined

James doesn't just act, he also sings and plays the guitar. The actor was also part of the London-based band Shere Khan, unfortunately, the band dissolved, leaving hopes of a British Jared Leto impossible.

-Celebrity Crush

James has stated that Pamela Anderson and Jessica Alba were his biggest crushes once upon a time, but now he only has eyes for his actress girlfriend Ruth Kearney.

-Grecian Background

James's ancestry isn't just from England. His paternal grandfather was Greek, which is where the Taptiklis comes from in his full, legal name.

-Clean-Up Duty

Before James made it big in blockbusters like "Divergent" and "Underworld," he worked at the National Health Service in England where he went to the homes of the recently deceased and cleaned up any excess bodily fluids left behind. He's come a long way.

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