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'The City Lost A Good Person:' Children Of DWP Worker Allegedly Killed By Homeless Man Speak Out

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) -- The family of a DWP worker killed allegedly by a homeless man is speaking out Wednesday evening.

Charles and Janice Rondez are grieving the loss of their father – 70-year-old Julius Rondez, killed on a Metro platform as he was on his way home from work.

He worked for the LADWP for more than 30 years. his children said.

"If anybody knew who my dad was, he was a hard worker. He put in a lot of overtime," says son Charles. "The city lost a good person."

Rondez was attacked near the corner of East Temple and North Alameda Streets on July 2. He died from his injuries the following day.

"I'm never going to see him again. I'm never going to get to have Sunday brunch with him again," says daughter Janice.

Security cameras captured images of a man about 5'8", 150 pounds and dark hair who detectives are calling a person of interest in the deadly assault.

The LAPD hoping to get a lead on him.

"This is my dad. But this could be your dad," says Janice.

"He was strong for his age. The guy ran marathons. He biked every day," says Charles.

At this point – detectives say they're not certain if the person of interest is homeless.

But the Rondez family is urging city leaders to be provide more funding to help with the homeless crisis – because they say the area around the train platform is not safe.

"There's so many people on the street that have no other options. Because their options are getting cut," says Janice.

The siblings say their dad would not have wanted disadvantaged people to be pushed off our streets.

Rondez was once a foster child who defied the odds. He made a better life for himself and his family -- after immigrating to the United States from the Philippines.

"Instead of being upset and angry," says Janice, "He would want us to tell everybody that they should help because that's what he would've done."

Rondez leaves behind a wife, three children and five grandchildren.

Charles and Janice said their father planned to retire in six months.

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