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Man Caught On Video Stealing Tesla Parts

NORTHRIDGE (CBSLA) — A man is caught on video taking off with valuable Tesla parts and now the search is on for that thief.

It happened at a shopping plaza in Northridge in broad daylight. Now the victim wants other Tesla owners to be warned.

The man was caught on a dashboard camera stealing an expensive part from a Tesla Monday evening.

The owner of the Tesla couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the video.

Tesla parts thief suspect

"I came out and I didn't know anything of it and I started driving and my car was throwing errors and I wondered what happened so I did a walk around the car. The part of the front of the car was missing," said Ammar Abukurah.

The video shows a man using a rag to hide some type of tool he uses to steal the part off the Tesla. The thief keeps looking around while trying to get the part. After a struggle he makes off with it.

"It's not just Teslas, it's any car. He could go steel a wheel off a car. It's just not fair to take things that belong to other people," said Abukurah.

The part he stole is worth about a thousand dollars. Tesla has made it pretty impossible for someone to steal their car and even taking a part requires a certain tool.

It's just a piece of plastic is really all it is. But it has a Tesla name on it so I think they are stealing them because Tesla is the hot thing right now," said Abukurah.

The thief was driving a black Mercedes with paper plates.

If you recognize him or if you have any information you're asked to call the LAPD.

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