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Terrifying home surveillance video shows attempted home invasion in Whittier

Terrifying attempted home invasion caught on camera in Whittier
Terrifying attempted home invasion caught on camera in Whittier 00:57

Terrifying footage from a home surveillance camera shows the moments that three armed suspects attempted to force entry into a Whittier home early Friday evening. 

The family living at the home in the 8100 block of Bradwell Avenue, say that the men, all wearing masks and hoodies, claimed to part of the SoCalGas and asked to check on a meter, but were told they couldn't come inside because they were "very suspicious," as detailed in a post from the victims made on the Ring app. 

The video shows as the three men walk away from the front door and the family walks outside shortly afterwards, watching them as they leave at around 7 p.m. on Friday. 

As they started to walk back inside, the three suspects are seen sprinting towards the family while pulling what looked to be guns from their waistbands.

The family was able to make it back inside safely before the men fled the area. 

Now, others living in the area are concerned for their own safety. 

"It's scary, kind of a wakeup call to look out for each other," said one woman who wished to remain unidentified. "Nothing like that has ever happened since we moved here."

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department investigators are looking into the incident. 

"We encourage you to be vigilant and question anyone who presents themselves as a representative of SoCalGas," said a statement from SoCalGas on Sunday, which noted that employees are required to carry a company photo identification card and in most circumstances will only visit a home after receiving a service request. 

"Always ask for identification before letting someone inside your home," the company said. 

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