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Temecula Woman Ticketed For Driving While Wearing Google Glass

TEMECULA ( — A California Highway Patrol officer ticketed a Temecula woman Tuesday for driving while wearing Google Glass.

Cecilia Abadie reportedly received a ticket for speeding, along with the Google Glass violation, in San Diego County.

Abadie later posted a picture of the ticket on her Google+ page.

KNX 1070's legal analyst, Royal Oakes, said it is unlikely Abadie has an argument to get out of the ticket, even though the computerized glasses are hands-free.

Temecula Woman Ticketed For Driving With Google Glass

"If the idea of the rule is, 'Don't distract the driver,' it's going to be hard for somebody wearing Google Glasses to say that they're safer than somebody texting or using the phone," he said. "If anything, Google Glasses are more distracting than other things in the car. Yes, your hands are free, but your brain and your eyes can be totally engaged in monitoring what's on those glasses. I really think there's no case."

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