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Teens destroy multiple classrooms at Riverside elementary school

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Riverside investigators arrested two teens and a 12-year-old for destroying several rooms and stealing supplies from an elementary school.

The alleged vandalism and burglary happened in the early morning hours of Feb. 16 at Taft Elementary School in the 900 block of Mission Grove Parkway. The adolescent boys allegedly ravaged through five classrooms and the administration office, according to the Riverside Police Department. Investigators found multiple broken windows, paint splattered on walls and carpets, broken electronics and water damage. Authorities believe the boys caused tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

"Vandalism is a violation of our commitment to live in community with one another. It strikes at the very core of our shared values and unity," said Superintendent Renee Hill. 

Police said the boys also stole school supplies band equipment and items teachers bought for their classrooms. 

Nearly a week after the vandalism and burglary, detectives identified the three boys as suspects and searched their homes. Inside, they found evidence corroborating the suspects' connections to the crimes and most of the property stolen from the school. 

The Riverside District Attorney did not charge the boys with burglary, vandalism and possession of stolen property as of Friday. 

"Our hope is for the impending consequences these youth will receive through the juvenile justice system are swift and meaningful," Chief Larry Gonzalez said. "This type of destructive behavior from our young people cannot go unpunished."  

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