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Tech Talk: Travel gadgets to improve your next trip

Tech Talk: Travel gadgets to improve your next trip
Tech Talk: Travel gadgets to improve your next trip 04:32

The best travel gadgets can make your trips more organized, manageable, and unforgettable -- just better through and through. Tech expert Jessica Naziri has some of the best travel gadgets for every type of traveler and journey.

Nobody likes being sick, but it's worse when you fall ill on vacation. Enter MemorialCare's Virtual Exam Kit, powered by TytoCare. The device is one part of MemorialCare's whole suite of 24/7 on-demand services allowing you and your family round-the-clock access to a MemorialCare provider.

This easy-to-use kit eliminates inconvenient in-person trips to Urgent Care or Doctors' offices while on vacation and captures heart and lung sounds, oxygen levels, body temperature, images of the throat, ears, nose, skin, and more. It's also FDA-cleared & HIPAA-compliant.


Did you know that one out of every four travelers has been hacked over public Wi-Fi networks while abroad? 

Enter Aura, an online safety app that seeks to provide a safer online environment for your whole family in an easy-to-use, all-in-one package. This includes features that are critical to staying safe while traveling — like identity and financial monitoring, a VPN for safe browsing on public Wi-Fi at airports and hotels, one-click credit lock, antivirus protection for your devices and more.

A plus for parents: You can block harmful content and manage how much time your kids spend online, especially when traveling and time passes by. Have peace of mind while they game online with cyberbullying and online predator threat alerts.

Family plan: Free for 14 days then $29/mo billed annually, or or $39/mo billed monthly

A common scenario -- parents who travel with kids understand how much STUFF comes with transporting a little one. Cybex is lessening the load with the Cloud G LUX and the Melio Carbon stroller. At just 13 pounds, the Melio Carbon is the lightest full-size stroller on the market.

Pair it with an infant car seat transforming it into a lightweight luxury travel system.

The Cloud G LUX infant car seat has an ergonomic Recliner built into the shell with 45% more recline than traditional infant car seats. It also has a Bluetooth enabled SENSORSAFE chest clip that  sends mobile app alerts if a child unbuckles the chest clip, if the back seat becomes too warm or too cold, and if the driver unintentionally leaves the child behind. This is a great feature for all parents and caregivers.

In addition, the one-click rigid LATCH install offers quick, simple, and safe installation in seconds while air ventilation channels in the car seat provide natural airflow to keep your child comfortable.

Price: $449.99 for LUX version with SensorSafe and Load Leg

$399.99 for base model

Cloud G LUX launches online at Cybex Wednesday 3/29

More info on Melio Carbon:*82thvp*_up*MQ..&gclid=Cj0KCQjwlPWgBhDHARIsAH2xdNfAo8JG3X1I-mK2TjfonROxLFnqdisUKlLJoIqwmIH_hBChGqMGD9EaAinrEALw_wcB

Retail Price: $599.99

Chipolo X Ekster

Airline apps have gotten better at bag tracking, but you can keep a closer eye on your bag's location by slipping a tracker tag in your luggage. So now, you can (finally) stop losing things in hotels or restaurants and caving into the hassle of buying a new phone or AirPods in a foreign city or country.  This is the #1 tip on how not to lose luggage. Those higher tax rates are no joke.


RayBan Stories Sunglasses

RayBan's classic-cool smart sunglasses are a total win with open-ear audio built in to play music only for you, will save you a pair of headphones at that, while letting you stay alert (of those pickpockets). You can also take photos and videos hands-free and stay immersed in the moment. Capture from a first-person perspective and enjoy consistently high quality content thanks to the automatic light adjustment and stereoscopic photo depth.




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