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Tech Talk: Tech trends for your kitchen

Tech Talk: Tech trends for your kitchen
Tech Talk: Tech trends for your kitchen 05:42

There's no better way to shorten your time in the kitchen than smart kitchen gadgets. Tech expert and lifestyle influencer, Jessica Naziri has a list of some of her top hi-tech kitchen gadgets you will actually use.


Say goodbye to smelly, leaky trash bags and help fight climate change with the push of a button. Lomi is the smart waste appliance that turns your food waste into organic fertilizer in just a few hours. Imagine, nutrients that help you grow a greener lawn, healthier plants and more nutritious vegetables.

Lomi accelerates the composting process, allowing you to return food scraps to the earth and feed your plants. At the same time, using Lomi diverts food waste from landfills, decreasing the amount of methane that is produced from food waste.

It's small, quiet, odor-free, and easy to use.

Beast Blender + Hydration System bundle

The Beast blender-- you have probably seen this beautiful blender before, it's hailed as the most "aesthetically pleasing blender" out there, and it's thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered.

 With a one-minute smart blending cycle that monitors the blender's blade speed and makes constant adjustments to deliver silky smooth blends, as well as prepare nutrient-rich infusions, when combined with the accompanying Hydration System. And for smoothies, soups, and other puréed delights, she's a total dream.

Aarke Carbonator

If you are a bubbly lover-- you'll fall in love with this countertop carbonator from Aarke. The Aarke Carbonator Pro allows you to make sparkling water at home easily and will elevate your countertop plus replace thousands of single-use plastic bottles and cans while simultaneously saving you money.

The Aarke Carbonator Pro not only looks stunning, but it will also give you the perfect amount of bubbles, state-of-the-art pureness, and most importantly, save you money and help you commit to being more sustainable. The Aarke Carbonator Pro only requires CO2 to run – no outlet or batteries required.  Each cylinder can carbonate up to 60 litres of water – that's equivalent to around 150 cans. Plus, it will fit under most standard cabinets making it easy to leave on the counter.

Ember Mug

This high-tech mug from Ember is the perfect kitchen gadget for busy people. It keeps any beverage warm, and you can control all the settings directly through your smartphone via a mobile app. Thanks to a built-in battery, the gadget will maintain the drink's temperature for up to 1.5 hours.

The Smart Mug 2 is a hand-wash-only device with a maximum liquid capacity of 10 ounces.


AeroGarden Bounty Basic hydroponic garden grows up to 9 herbs, veggies, or flowers indoors and year-round, without soil.

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