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Tech Industry Is Leading The Way In Job Growth In Los Angeles

Technology jobs are not just available with the most recognizable companies in tech. Technology jobs are in demand for law firms, medical companies, brokerage firms, retailers and more. As most companies today expand their social media advertising, the demand is high for SEO specialists, advertising professionals and content writers.

Where is the job growth?

There are boundless growth opportunities for those seeking jobs within the technology sector at Playa Vista's sprawling new community. The job growth is not just with the behemoth tech companies that have moved in; many startups have also moved here and they are hiring. The higher paying salaries that are in demand are for web developers and software engineers. As the tech sector continues to grow, there are plenty of available jobs.Los Angeles in general is now the leading center for technology jobs and growth in the United States. According to the LA Stats Report created by Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, creativity is a key driver in the Los Angeles growth sector for jobs which incorporate fields in video and game production.

What type of salaries are expected?

According to the Employment Development Department Labor Market Division's report, web developers are in high demand and will continue to see growth in that sector for hiring. The median annual salary through 2022 will be $68,480. High salaries are commended for software architects with salaries reaching $131, 000. Software development manager's salaries may reach $123,000, and data base administrators may have salaries reaching $97,000 according to ""The Glass Door" blog published in February 2015.

Applicants for tech sector jobs are expected to be well-trained in their field. Receiving a higher education in the fields of technology can help advance career positioning over other applicants. Advancing continuing education choices in web development, as well as creative skills for today's market, may help job seekers gain a competitive edge.

Leslie Cohen, Editor In Chief Cwebnews and VP Creative Affairs Paris Jewelry. Former business development manager for an international software company managing cyber intellectual property for Fortune 500's and large internet companies. She has spearheaded projects in the internet retail space that involve media content management. Her articles appear on Cwebnews, Yahoo Content, The Examiner , Go Articles and more. She has experience in press releases. website content writing

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