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'Taste Of Soul' Festival Enjoyed By 300,000 In Crenshaw District

CRENSHAW (CBSLA)  —   More than 300,000 people enjoyed the 12th annual "Taste of Soul" festival in the Crenshaw district Saturday.

There was fun, music, and food (of course) -- all things soulful.

CBS2's Kandiss Crone was there and mingled with the festival goers. She also got the chance to sneak in a little fried catfish for herself. (Did she being any back for the newsroom? No comment.)

There was plenty of gospel, jazz, soul and R&B music.

"Just a positive event for the neighborhood and the community," said festival attendee Eulalia Ross.

The BBQ Smokehouse was among 200 vendors who rolled out their best to please the crowd. Ribs, chicken, even fried broccoli -- food was everywhere.

Taste Of Soul
(credit: Kandiss Crone/CBS2)

"We want to try and help give back to the community, participate in the community event so we love coming out to the event this is our 10th year," said Regina Hill of the BBQ Smokehouse.

Festival founder Danny Bakewell Sr.  says he created the festival to celebrate all that LA's black community has to offer.

"It's really a day of testimony to all of the good things that go on in the African-American community you can come out in a safe, secure environment. There's a lot of economic empowerment," he said.

Those who attended say they came to show unity and be part of a positive event.

"We need more things to bring us together as a people because we tend to be divided. So this is wonderful," said attendee Amber Bryant.

"Look at all these people out here there's no violence, nothing's going on everybody's having a good time, everybody's socializing and talking to everybody. It's just wonderful," said Ross.

CBS2's Pat Harvey emceed the event.

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