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Swimmers Warned That Sharks Are On The Attack Against Sea Lions

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  -- Sharks rarely attack humans but scientists have seen an uptick in shark attacks against sea lions and sharks don't see so good.

Swimmers are being told to be extra vigilant as the weather heats up.

"I think she was lucky," says Dr. Laura Palmer, veterinarian.

Dr. Palmer shows CBS2/KCAL9 reporter Greg Mills one sea lion that is lucky to be alive as she survived a recent shark attack.

A month ago, the sea lion washed ashore in Redondo Beach. The sea lion is being nursed back to health by Dr. Palmer at the Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles, a  non profit.

"We do rely on donations," she says.

They treat, on average, about 350 sea lions and seals a year.

"Sharks are, ya know, they prey on sea lions. That's a normal part of the food chain," Palmer says.

This week two more sea lions were attacked at King;s Harbor, also in Redondo Beach.

Three sea lions all attacked in and around Redondo Beach.


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