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Suspect Arrested After Returning Pilfered Pricey Puggle Puppy To Pet Store

SOUTH PASADENA (CBS) — South Pasadena police announced the arrest of a suspect in the theft of a pricey puggle puppy last week.

Police say Jesus Medina, 53, returned the dog to Pet's Delight located at 725 Fair Oaks Avenue before noon Sunday.

Employees of the store recognized Medina and called police.

Authorities say Medina, and a man who acted as a lookout, went into the store last week. Video surveillance tape shows a man -- believed to be Medina -- putting the puppy under his shirt and walking out the store.

Puggle puppies, a cross between beagles and pugs, are all the rage.

Officials say one puggle can be sold for as much as $1,099. The puppy in question was a brown, 6-month old female.

Medina told police he decided to return the puppy because his pastor recognized him on the widely-circulated surveillance tape and told him it wasn't in his best interests to keep the pilfered pooch.

Police say Medina is currently being held on a charge of grand theft. They said it is also possible Medina could be charged with conspiracy and commercial burglary.

Authorities say they are looking for the lookout. Anyone with information about the identity of the other man is asked to call South Pasadena police at 626-403-7280.

The pet store says the dog is okay.

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