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Survey: Majority Of Americans Working 50+ Hours Per Week Feel 'Overworked'

(CBS Local) -- Three in five Americans who log 50 to 59 hours per week feel overworked, according to a new study from Sleep Junkie provided exclusively to Yahoo Finance.

The "overworked" rate was even higher among people who work 60 hours or more, coming in at 77 percent.

The report surveyed 1,036 people who consistently worked 40 to 60 hours or more each week.

Not having enough time appears to be the central issue, the survey revealed. Two-thirds report having to work longer hours to make ends meet, but doing so leaves little free time to spend with family or enjoy leisure.

70 percent of those working 50 or more hour per week said they supported dependents, and 92 percent of them said they worked long hours to do so, the survey revealed.

Nearly four in five said those hours cut into quality time with their children.

Long hours spent at work also often causes physical and emotional exhaustion and can lead to chronic absences at work and even workplace accidents, the survey found.

Four out of five of those who worked at least 50 hours a week felt their workload was not sustainable. And one in four people said they made a potentially hazardous mistake at work because of stress or fatigue.

Lastly, all those extra hours at work don't necessarily pay off financially. The survey discovered that people working 60 hours or more each week actually made less money than other groups who worked less.

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