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Surveillance Video Shows Multiple Suspects Beating South LA Shop Owner

SOUTH LOS ANGELES ( — A South Los Angeles shop owner is hoping police will find the group of kids he said beat and stabbed him after he tried to stop them from stealing from his store last week.

Security camera footage on Sept. 21 captured the moments when the group of kids got into an argument with the owner of the 55th Street Market.

Shop owner Young Ki Lee said the group tried to leave without paying for some items. He then confronted the kids, following them outside when one attempted to run away and attempting to pepper spray them.

At that point, Lee was knocked to the ground, hit in the head and stabbed, he said. The suspects continued to beat and kick him even as he lay motionless.

The suspects finally dispersed when a car pulled up to the scene.

Lee has owned the store for 20 years and said this was the first violent incident that has taken place. But there have been a series of thefts recently, he said.

The day before the attack, a group of girls came in and stole chips, after the attack, more kids came in and stole items, he said.

Police said they have not arrested the suspects.

Lee, meanwhile, has returned to work. He had a black eye on Tuesday and asked not to be shown on camera.

Lee's daughter, Beetna, said she hopes someone recognizes the kids in the video and helps identify them to police.

"The kids need to be caught and they need to know that what they did was wrong," she said.

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