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Sunscreen Line Created In Mother's Memory

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — What inspires you to change your life? For one Southland woman, it took some time, but she found her calling after looking to a mother's love.

"She was just so full of energy and life," said Tricia Trimble about her mother. "She was the life of the party. She lived big."

This is more than a story of a daughter's love for her mom; it's how that love transformed the deepest pain into a new purpose.

Tricia had just graduated college when she learned skin cancer, which years ago had been removed from her mom's hand, had returned.

"She didn't look at all like her," Tricia recalled.

The moment she arrived at the hospital she knew time was short.

"We said I love you… and she died the next day."

For the next 15 years, Tricia worked hard, becoming a high-power recruiter, while keeping the loss of her mother hidden away and never dealing with the emotion.

"I'm just not living life with passion. I knew that in my heart."

But one day it all clicked.

She gave everything up, went back to school and started a beauty products website. But realized there was something that was calling her.

"I really should be making my own sunscreen line, always telling everyone, 'wear sunscreen, be careful,'" she said.

So she developed Suntegrity.

She had heard complaints from her beauty website on the lack of sunscreens with what she calls non-toxic ingredients. Many of those complaints were from cancer patients not wanting to put chemicals on their body. That hit close to home.

"It [Suntegrity] contains non-toxic, no parabens, none of the 'nasties,'" Tricia said.

It is a three-step system -- an anti-aging face moisturizer sunscreen, one for the body, and supplements to protect the skin from inside out.

Her passion product has made it into magazines like "InStyle" and some of the top beauty stores around. Tricia knows her mom has everything to do with that.

"I think Suntegrity keeps her alive for me. I think she's the reason it is a success at all."

If you look closely you'll see that on every label, there is a quote.

"This product was made in honor of my mom. May you wear this and think of those whose lives have been touched by skin cancer," Tricia read.

It is a business based out of love. On the wall of Tricia's office hangs a large portrait. It is the inspiration behind Suntegrity and the inspiration behind a daughter, who finally found a way to help others and at the same time heal herself.

"I think she's still watching over me... She's still watching out for me, she's still here."

For more information on Suntegrity, visit

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