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Study Reveals Adults (Not Teens) More Likely To Text And Drive

LOS ANGELES ( — Adults, not teenagers, are more of a problem when it comes to the alarming act of texting and driving, according to an AT&T survey.

Nearly 50 percent of adults polled in the study admitted to sending text messages while behind the wheel compared to 43 percent of teens.

Interestingly enough, 98 percent of adults also said he or she knew what they were doing was wrong.

"(I text) when I'm waiting on a light or if there's no one on the road," a man told KCAL9's Stacey Butler.

Daniel Comacho Lopez said his father won't stop texting while he's driving.

"You know that you have three lives in your hands, so don't put them at risk, I always tell him," said Lopez. "He never listens to us. He just continues."

AT&T's study found that the dangerous trend is on the upswing: Six in 10 adults said they weren't texting and driving three years ago.

In addition, the survey showed that parents' behavior is a big predictor of a teen's texting choices.

Young adults who weren't educated by their guardians about the dangers of distracted driving sent more text messages on the road.

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