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Several elementary school students sickened after eating chips laced with marijuana in Perris

Several students at elementary unknowingly eat chips laced with cannabis
Several students at elementary unknowingly eat chips laced with cannabis 02:40

A scary day in school for several Enchanted Elementary School students who were rushed to the hospital after eating what investigators said were hot Cheetos laced with marijuana. 

Raquel Miranda felt helpless Thursday morning, after her 9-year-old daughter unknowingly ingested marijuana.

"I just waned to hurry up and get here, see what's going on with her. Nobody wanted to give me answers," Miranda said. 

Her daughter, Davina, said that her throat and stomach hurt and she was dizzy. 

The cannabis in question was undetectable at first because it was infused into a common snack food, a bag of hot Cheetos. 

"I'm like these don't taste right. Then I smelled it, little specks of green on it," the 9-year-old said. 

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department said another student brought them to school and she didn't know they were laced either, but Davina told a different story. 

"I went up to her and I was like, 'What are these?' and she was like, 'Don't tell anyone, but I put something in these,' and then my friend asked her if she put something in these and she said, 'No, no. I didn't,' changing her answer." 

Unfortunately, that bag of Cheetos was shared between a handful of kids. Officials with the sheriff's department said six elementary school students had to be taken to the hospital with stomach pain. 

"After investigating the source of the student's symptoms, action was taken to identify any additional students who were experiencing similar symptoms and parents were contacted," Enchanted Elementary School Principal Mrs. Desosa wrote. "The Riverside County Sheriff's Department was contacted immediately and first responders arrived to evaluate students." 

Miranda said she was still waiting for answer to some of her questions. 

"I was really upset. I wanted to know what was going to happen with the little girl. Will she get expelled, suspended? They didn't want to give me answers," she said. 

She also said she feels like the incident was being downplayed and that her daughter and the other children who ingested the cannabis deserve better. 

"We're not making a deal about it. We're just worried about our kids coming to school, what they're taking," Miranda said. 

Davina and one of her friends both said they are feeling much better, now. The sheriff's department continues to investigate. 

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