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Street takeover with more than 50 cars in downtown LA leaves some in flames

Several cars lit on fire during street takeover in Downtown LA
Several cars lit on fire during street takeover in Downtown LA 02:40

More than 50 cars were involved in a street takeover in downtown Los Angeles early Saturday as some went up in flames, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Video shows a car completely engulfed by a fire, sitting in the middle of an intersection as a thick black cloud of smoke rises from the vehicle. Other cars can be seen as they try to drive around the inferno. 

LAPD said several vehicles were impounded after authorities responded to the area near East 18th Street and Main Street, where participants intentionally set two of the cars on fire. 

Firefighters received a call about an auto fire around 3 a.m., sending two fire engines as LAPD officers were also sent to the scene to investigate, according to the LA Fire Department. 

No one was arrested, police said. 

Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin de Leon said that the event is unacceptable. 

"It angers me, because it puts other people in danger," de Leon said. 

It's just another reason that Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, California Highway Patrol and LAPD combined forces to create a task force to address the takeovers. De Leon says that even more funding will be allocated to the task force next month. 

"We actually have reduced the number of street takeovers in LA, but particularly in Downtown Los Angeles," he said. "But, nonetheless, it has not completely come to a halt."

Authorities have not released any other details.

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