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Storm Drains Overflow After Rainstorm In Studio City

STUDIO CITY ( — A rainstorm on Tuesday overflowed some storm drains in Studio City, sending water over curbs and onto sidewalks.

"We were talking about having a sand bag party actually, just to make sure it doesn't come in the door," said Jacquie Overeem of Rudy's Barbershop.

The rain swept debris and mud from nearby hillsides onto the street, making for a messy drive in some areas.

With water pooling on the streets, at least one local business owner expressed concern about more problems from El Nino.

"If the store floods, then I've got a whole big new problem," said Don Queen of Classic toys. "So I'm going to try and prevent that from happening."

Bob Spencer, a spokesman with the LA County Department of Public Works, said the department has made sure the county is ready for any El Niño event, big or small.

He said public works has cleared 82,000 catch basins and made sure 3,300 miles of underground storm drains are clear and fully functional.

Still, he said the public needs to stay vigilant.

"We want to stress the importance of being ready for the possibility of flooding, that includes making sure your home is prepared, the department of public works will send an engineer out to your home for a free consultation if you think it's at risk," he said.


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