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Spring Cleaning: How To Clean Your Window Treatments

By Jane Lasky

Yes, it can be an arduous task, but thorough spring cleaning offers a fresh start to the new season. While some chores are routine, others can be a bit of a challenge. This is especially true when addressing issues that come with keeping window treatments in tip-top condition.    

Select Blinds

Blinds created out of durable aluminum are the simplest to keep dirt free. To clean mini blinds that need help, simply spray a combination of cold or warm water (never hot) mixed with a bit of soap directly on all surfaces. Then use a towel that is free of lint to individually wipe each slat.

For blinds that need a deeper cleaning, take them off the windows and plunk them into the bathtub. Leave the blinds in the water to soak and afterward it will be much easier to wipe each slat clean.    


To restore draperies to their original glory, you'll need your trusty vacuum. Take the curtains off of the windows and place them on a flat surface so you can run the upholstery brush attachment with ease. Break out the vacuum's crevice tool to tackle pleats and folds.

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Roman Shades

Cleaning Roman shades can be tricky, so it's best to keep them fresh all year by regularly using a fabric freshener. For a deep clean, use a gentle fabric attachment on your vacuum to remove dust and dirt. If your roman shades have decorative stitching, use extra care and skip the vacuum in favor of a more gentle fabric duster spritzed with Static Guard to repel dust.

Roller Shades

Dishwashing detergent is your friend when it comes to cleaning roller shades made of vinyl. Make sure the detergent you opt to use is of the mild variety before you mix with warm (never hot) water. Then wipe each shade from the bottom up; don't close the shades until the entire treatment is dry to the touch. 

Blackout Curtains

To clean those soiled blackout curtains, vacuum both the front and the back. If the curtains are really dirty, take them off the windows so you can give them a good wash by hand. To be sure you won't taint the color of your blackout curtains by cleaning, test first before applying a combination of laundry soap and water. If you are good to go, squeeze the curtains in select places without either wringing or twisting the special fabric. 

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters made of wood are simple and easy to clean, as long as little to no water is applied during the process. Instead, dust with a dry rag or use a duster brush to clear as much of the dirt as possible. If using a vacuum, be sure to carefully use the brush attachment. Problem areas can be addressed by employing a small brush spritzed with a bit of water to help nudge the dirt off the shutter.


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