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Spring cleaning gadgets and digital cleanup tips

Spring cleaning gadgets and tips
Spring cleaning gadgets and tips 04:26

Spring is in the air and we're diving headfirst into the latest and greatest technology to refresh your home this time of year. From allergy-friendly vacuums to smart gardening solutions, tech expert Jessica Naziri from has got you covered.

In-home cleaning

There's no shortage of things to do when it comes to spring cleaning. Let me introduce you to JIMMY, a household name in the world of anti-mite vacuums. Their latest innovation, the King Clean | BX7Pro, has made its way into 40 countries, including the US, UK, and Germany. Packed with cutting-edge features, the BX7Pro is a game-changer for allergy sufferers. With its patented composite brushroll and 480w high-speed dual motor, it effectively removes invisible dust mites and allergens. Plus, it sterilizes with UV, ultrasound, and heat technology, certified to eliminate 99.9% of allergens. Perfect for a fresh start this spring!

King Clean | Jimmy BX7Pro

Price: $199.99

With the Roomba Combo j9+ robot vacuum and mop, you can cross two chores off your list. This robot tackles big messes with powerful vacuuming and deep-scrub mopping – and unlike other 2-in-1 robots, it has an auto-retracting mop pad that lifts itself to the top of the robot when on carpet or rugs, preventing wet messes.

The Roomba Combo j9+ can detect and avoid floor hazards like cords, shoes and pet waste, helping to make sure the job gets done. It also automatically empties debris and replenishes the robot with liquid. With Dirt Detective and SmartScrub, the Roomba Combo j9+ will prioritize the dirtiest rooms in the home first based on insights from cleaning history, while adding a back-and-forth scrubbing action on hard surfaces where it's needed most. This innovative robot vacuum and mop combo takes the hassle out of cleaning with its powerful suction and deep-scrubbing capabilities. It can detect and avoid floor hazards, automatically empty debris, and prioritize the dirtiest rooms for efficient cleaning. Say goodbye to spring cleaning stress.

iRobot | Roomba Combo® j9+ Robot Vacuum and Mop

Price: $1,399

Air Quality Control

Next up, we have the Coway Airmega 250. This powerhouse covers a whopping 1,860 square feet, thanks to its powerful filtration system. The pre-filter, Green True HEPA™ filter, and Max2 filter set work together to remove 99.999% of ultrafine particles. And with user-convenient features like Smart Mode and Rapid Mode, maintaining clean air has never been easier.

Coway | Airmega 250

Price: Currently 20% off at $320 (Originally $399.99)


Now, let's talk gardening with a twist! The Aerogarden Harvest 2.0 combines technology with nature to bring fresh herbs and veggies right into your home. Its sleek design fits seamlessly into any space, while its efficient grow light ensures successful growth. Plus, with a bonus lettuce seed packet and a 12" grow height, you can grow a variety of herbs, lettuces, tomatoes. Think about all the money you can save!

Aerogarden | Harvest 2.0

Price: $89.95

Digital Cleanup

Quick Tips for Freeing Up Device Storage

  1. Check Device Settings: Scan your device settings to identify storage-hogging apps or features. Default settings can drain battery and internal storage, so adjust as needed.

  2. Optimize Charging Speed: Disable default power settings to speed up iPhone charging. Navigate to settings for faster recharging.

  3. Manage Camera Roll: Clear out excess photos and videos to free up storage. Delete duplicates, old screenshots, and blurry images. While sentimental, it's essential for maximizing storage space.

  4. Expand Storage: Consider purchasing additional storage for Apple and Android devices if space remains insufficient despite cleanup efforts.

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