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Spring Cleaning & Chores Made Easy With New Kids App, 'Goodie Goodie'

STUDIO CITY ( — Having a hard time getting your children to help out with spring cleaning? Well, now there's an App for that.

Justin Klosky, founder of the O.C.D. Experience, a firm that helps people get control of their lives through time management skills, getting rid of clutter, simplifying their habits, and rethinking storage solutions and systems, visited the KCAL9 studios Wednesday.

Klosky recently released a new app called "Goodie Goodie" that allows parents to create chores and assign them to their kids while rewarding them with custom "goodies".

Justin's spring cleaning tips:

Spring Clean Weekly, Not Yearly

I like the idea of "spring cleaning" being clean and healthy yearly rather than once a year. Spring cleaning is usually tedious and overwhelming, but it can be fun and rewarding if you

Trash the Trash

Make sure you throw out anything that could count as trash to start making room for the important things you want in your home. You should be throwing away trash every day and not letting it build up. Make it a habit to spray and wipe down your trash bin with product like Lysol every time you take the trash out to prevent mildew and smells.

Shoeless Home

If you don't do it already start a new practice of taking your shoes off at your front door. Not only will this lead to a cleaner and healthier home but it will eliminate the need to clean your carpets as often because you won't be tracking dirt into the house. Get a shoe organizer like this one (I will bring a shoe organizer) OR get creative and build one into your home at the front so everyone in your house has a spot for their shoes.

Date Yourself

Date yourself by setting time in your calendar at least once a week to stay on top of all of the "spring cleaning" chores you have to do. You know, the chores that don't happen weekly but must happen at least once a year: dusting blinds, changing air filters, pulling out hard to reach electronics; outside window cleaning. In fact divide up chores using the Goodie Goodie app so all your family members, especially your kids can earn gift cards to their favorite brands.


There is video of someone's desk and Justin will discuss how clutter buildup can lead to dust. Decluttering your desk every few weeks will prevent this.


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