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Spooked Horse Runs Amok Inside Bassett Bicycle Store

BASSETT ( — A spooked horse ran inside a bicycle store in Bassett Sunday breaking glass, smashing bikes and fraying patrons nerves.

The store, Reyes Bicycle Shop, is located in the 13000 block of Valley Boulevard, just east of the 605 Freeway.

A witness said, "The horse just came in here, and I guess it got tangled up in some bikes and just started trampling over everything."

The horse, a mare, was being taken care of at a ranch down the street. She was on a trailer when she got spooked, broke free and ran into the store. She reportedly thrashed about the store for 45 minutes.

Store owner Jose Reyes told Barron -- through an interpreter -- that "all the bikes were on top of the horse, the horse was covered in blood."

Three of the five customers in the store were children.

The store owner's son told Barron, "The customer and a kid and my dad, all ran that way. And one of the kids was hiding in the restroom ...  It was crazy."

The horse suffered injuries to a hind leg and was taken away for treatment. The horse is expected to make a full recovery.

Barron said the person taking care of the horse agreed to pay for all the bike store's damage, about $3-4,000.

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