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SpaceX Satellite Launch Lights Up LA Sky

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — What were those lights?

SpaceX launched 60 new Starlink internet satellites into orbit Monday, Nov. 11 and the sight was seen across the country.

The satellites launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida but could be seen over Los Angeles.

The launch is SpaceX's plan to bring global internet coverage to the world.

The satellites rode into space atop a veteran Falcon 9, ending a nearly three-month launch hiatus for the company.

The Veteran's Day launch from Space Launch Complex 40 marked the fourth flight for this particular booster, and the first time a Falcon 9 has flown more than three times.

Inside the rocket's nose cone were 60 Starlink satellites - the second batch of SpaceX's broadband internet mega constellation. The company hopes the satellites will help provide affordable internet coverage to the world.

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