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Southland High School Senior Asks Model Kate Upton To Prom...She Says Maybe

LOS ANGELES ( — Model Kate Upton is now in the business of making teenage dreams come true.

The two-time cover model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue may be going to a Los Angeles prom with Milken Community High School senior, 17-year-old Jake Davidson, who asked her through a YouTube video.

After many supporters helped pass around the video through social media by retweeting and using hashtags, such as #PromWithJake and #katenjakeprom, the post went viral and finally reached 20-year-old Upton who responded on Twitter Tuesday.

While being interviewed on the Today show Wednesday morning, Upton called in and surprised Davidson.

"I absolutely loved the video; it was so hilarious and so creative," Upton said. "I'd definitely have to check my schedule, but you seem like so much fun and if everything works out, I'd love to go with you. I know we'd have a blast."

Davidson then followed up on Twitter:

Milken's prom isn't until May 28, so Upton has a few weeks to check her schedule.

Davidson said he thought of the idea months ago and after speaking to a family friend, University of Southern California student Talia Myers, they took a shot and made the video.

Since it was posted on YouTube on Mar. 17, it has nearly 140,000 views.

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