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Southland Family Says Coroner Accidentally Cremated Their Beloved

LOS ANGELES (  —   A Southland family says the LA County Coroner's Office accidentally cremated their loved one's body -- without their knowledge or permission.

And as CBS2's Peter Daut reports, the family is demanding justice.

The family of Jorge Hernandez is suing LA County for a mistake they say was "extreme and outrageous."

"Totally egregious error that should have never happened," said family attorney Luis Carrillo.

Attorney Carrillo says it's a mix-up that has devastated the family.

"His service will not be the same because now they can't sit around there and view his body, pray and say their last goodbyes," says Carrillo.

Hernandez, a 26-year-old from Eagle Rock, died earlier this month.

He was found unconscious and taken to the hospital. The family wanted to know the exact cause of death so an autopsy was conducted.

Carrillo says the family had still planned to view his body -- for one final goodbye -- but they discovered the coroner's office had already cremated Hernandez without their permission.

"What happened to the family is an outrage," said Carrillo.

The attorney says the coroner's office has apologized for the mistake and admitted there was a mix-up with another man also named Jorge Hernandez.

"So they cremated [the wrong]  Jorge Hernandez and now the mom and dad are grief stricken, in shock, sad, crying," said Carrillo.

Daut called and left a message with the coroner's office but has not heard back.

Meanwhile, the service for Jorge Hernandez is scheduled for next week.

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