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South LA Community Demands City Fix Broken Sidewalks

SOUTH LA (CBSLA) — Broken sidewalks plague much of Los Angeles.

As KCAL9/CBS2's Jo Kwon reports, one South L.A. community has demanded the city step up and fix its sidewalks and drains.

Brenda Wickliffe avoids walking on the sidewalk along E. 109th St.

"Up and down. Up and down. Cracks. You know, it's bad," said Wickliffe.

Guadalupe Ortiz has lived on that side of the street for 17 years.

"It's very difficult for me because I have a Special Ed son," said Ortiz.

She says she has to maneuver her son's wheelchair across the cracks and bumps to get him on his school bus.

"Sometimes the bus driver try to help me," said Ortiz.

The part of the sidewalk right outside of her fence is badly buckled.

And when it rains, Ortiz says the cracks and uneven surfaces fill up and fail to drain.

"Bad. Frustrated," said Ortiz.

Her home is in Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson's district. He says someone in his office spoke with Ortiz in May and promptly processed her request.

In a statement Harris-Dawson said "…. According to the City's records, her sidewalk repair is classified as a high priority however, she is on a long list of residents and the City has not hired enough workers to keep up."

Last year the city offered to homeowners like Ortiz up to $10,000 if they have the repair work done themselves. But Ortiz claims that's not the case.

"They say they have no money," said Ortiz.

The city says rebates are still available but says there is a waitlist.

A group of neighbors gathered Tuesday in Ortiz's yard to demand that the sidewalks are fixed.

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