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Some Voters Call Design Of Recall Mail-In Ballot Envelopes Flawed And 'Sketchy'

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) - Some voters are complaining about the design of mail-in ballots, claiming that a person's vote may be visible depending on how they place their ballot inside the envelope.

A pro-recall group called Fix California posted a video claiming the recall ballot envelopes are flawed.

The woman in the video claims that depending on how you place your marked ballot in the LA County envelope, someone may be able to see how you voted.

"...from the outside of the mail-in ballot, you can see if somebody has voted yes to recall Newsom," she's seen saying.

The holes in the ballot envelopes are now causing something of  a stir online.

The LA County Registrars office responded to the video, tweeting, "This has been part of the envelope design for years. The holes serve both an accessibility purpose and a quality assurance purpose after the fact to validate no voted ballots are left unprocessed; an established, recommended practice."

"I think it's really important that we have a secret ballot," Loyola Law Professor and political analyst Jessica Levinson said. "Is it a problem that people can peak in and look to see who you voted for? Yeah, I think that that should be fixed."

Ballots can either be sent in or dropped off, depending on a person's preference, and voters can also track their ballots by following this link.


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