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Some Restaurants Offering Discounts Based On Time And Day Of Reservation

LOS ANGELES ( — Discounted prices at restaurants have long been the result of coupons, magazine cuttings or even a friendly chef — but now you might be able to receive a discount just because of the time and day you make a reservation.

Websites such as or allow users to find discounted times to make reservations at restaurants across L.A. County.

Restaurant owners are saying the implementation of this idea increases the amount of new customers they get.  Some of the discounts are even offered during peak hours, most likely in order to attract more people to engage in this form of bargain hunting.

There is a tendency, however — according to consumer psychologists — for people to spend more if they get that initial bargain.

But for restaurant owners such as Jonathan Giraudel in San Francisco, that extra spending is exactly what they would like to see.

"They're gonna get a much better experience for the same amount of money that they would have spent at a restaurant that's not as fine dining," Giraudel said.

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