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Some Couples Participating In Social Media Prenups

TARZANA ( — Some couples are now participating in so-called social media prenups.

When Sheri Myers, a marriage and family therapist, and her fiancé broke up, they also broke the news on Facebook.

"We did it holding hands and we did it with full consciousness. We wrote what we were going to say together. And we were on the phone when we both hit the send button," Myers said.

Throughout the ups and downs of their relationship, Myers said they always discussed what's acceptable to post on social media.

"Before Jonathan was going to post something, he said, 'This is an SMP moment. Is this OK?'" Myers said. "And I said yes or no.'

CBS2's Kristine Lazar said social media prenups are a new trend in modern relationships.

"I've seen so many couples break into big fights because of a misunderstanding in this area," Myers said.

The prenup may include how much time a couple can spend on social media and what they can share.

"So for us girls, a big one is when our sweetheart posts a picture, a photo, they think is funny, but we think is so humiliating and embarrassing because it's so ugly," Myers said.

Myers said couples may give a big eyeroll to social media prenups right now.

"[But] I am sure this is something that's going to become commonplace. Because with social media taking up so much of our lives now, a lot of our work is involved in social media, we need to find the balance and we need to start having the communication around it," she said.

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