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Some Animals Handling Heat Wave Better Than Humans At LA Zoo

LOS ANGELES ( — The triple-digit temperatures may feel like an oven to most humans, but to some of the animals at the Los Angeles Zoo, the weather feels juuuust right.

Zoo workers took extra steps Thursday to make sure its animal residents and human visitors stay healthy during this week's sweltering heat wave.

For animals like orangutan Eloise, who aren't used to the heat, zoo workers are providing ice treats and keeping them in shady areas with plenty of water features. But for some animals, the heat feels just like home.

"A lot of our animals do really well in the heat because they do come from different parts of the world that are hotter," the LA Zoo's April Spurlock said. "But I would say that that's why we do allow them both inside and outside access – they can sort of be where they feel more comfortable."

Zoo officials say visitors should also prepare when coming to the zoo in such extreme heat.

"We recommend that people come prepared, wear sunscreen, bring an umbrella for some shade for yourself, and stay hydrated," the zoo's Kait Hilliard said. "We have a lot of different places around the zoo where you can get water, and we provide misters in certain areas, you can see there are shady areas throughout the zoo, and we have several indoor exhibits."

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