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Pot Leaves? Cigarettes? Some Complain Halloween Costumes For Kids Go Too Far

BANNING (  —  One company's Halloween costumes for kids are causing some parents to wonder if there is more trick to the holiday than treat.

KCAL9's Crystal Cruz talked to the company about their provocative costumes and whether they go too far.

"This is our baby marijuana pot leaf costume," says Johnathon Weeks, owner of BrandsOnSale, an online costume retailer and manufacturer in Banning.

This year's crop of baby Halloween costumes clearly aren't for everybody, Cruz reported.

"Halloween is one day out of the year you can dress up and be anything you're not the other 364 days," Weeks says.

Weeks says his business does millions in sales each year because of unique designs. His company sells all the usual fare: Mary Poppins, Gilligan's Island castaways, Cousin It, Elvis, Disney princesses, Godzilla. But it's some of the more provocative designs he has trouble keeping in stock.

He told Cruz, the company was "super busy" processing thousands of orders.

The pot leaf costume is a favorite, so is a cigarette baby costume.

Weeks doesn't expect the costumes to get universal appeal.

"We kind of know people are not going to be 100 percent thrilled with it but it's Halloween," he explains.

Baby Cigarette
A baby in a cigarette costume? Smokin' idea or in poor taste? (credit:

Some parents say dressing up a child as a cigarette is just wrong.

"I would not want my grandkids in that," said Cynthia Moreno, about the cigarette costume.

If the baby pot leaf costume has you fired up, there's more.

"Right now, we have the hottest costume in the United States," Weeks says, before showing Cruz the Ebola HazMat containment costume.

Weeks says he does have costume boundaries he won't cross.

"We have a roundabout discussion before we design and ask 'Is this too much or pushing the envelope too far?' " Weeks says.

For more information about his company, click here.


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