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Social Media Fueling Rise Of 'Selfie Art'

SANTA MONICA ( — First came the standard selfie. Then the "duck face". Even the "selfie stick" was introduced.

But as CBS2's Stephanie Simmons reports, now there's a new way to step up your selfie skills - by stepping outside.

Lizzy Dastin, who teaches art history at Chapman University and Santa Monica College, has created a way to intertwine the social media experience with learning about art through guided tours around Los Angeles.

"If you walk around L.A., you'll see people taking photos with things," said Dastin. "Everybody loves a good selfie, but nobody really knows what the art means."

The founder of the "Art & Seeking" company says in the competitive world of social media, there's always a desire to improve your photos.

"Art & Seeking is a street art tour company that really allows you to engage with your surroundings in a way that you haven't before," Dastin said.

Simmons put Dastin's theory to the test by taking a selfie near a pair of wings painted on the side of a local building and posting the photo to Instagram.

Within minutes, the artsy pic received more "Likes" than the previous photo Simmons posted.

"It shows that you are very cultural, very cool. Also, you know where to find them, because the artist, she tucks her wings away in random spots around the city," said Dastin.

One-hour tours are offered in Beverly Hills, Venice and downtown Los Angeles with more locations coming soon, Dastin hopes the backdrops will inspire and bring out your inner artist.

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