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SoCal Filmmaker Documents Effort To Bring Home The Remains Of WWII Marines

HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Award-winning filmmaker Steven C. Barber is releasing a new documentary Memorial Day. "Until They Are Home", a sequel to his "Return To Tarawa", focuses on the search for the remains of U.S. Marines killed in the World War II battle of Tarawa.

"We found there were three to four to 500 Marines still buried out there," Barber said.

Tarawa was a Japanese stronghold and the site of bloody battle during World War II. The island is now part of the Republic of Kiribati.

Actor Kelsey Grammer narrates the documentary, a project praised by talk show host Larry King and actor John Savage.

"I still have flashbacks, frankly, even now after all these years," said retired Navy Captain Leon Cooper, 92, who flew planes during the battle of Tarawa. "I was watching my fellow countrymen dying or lying there in wounds."

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