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Dry Ice Blast Forces Evacuation At Disneyland

ANAHEIM ( — A small explosion, believed to have been caused by a dry ice device, was reported in a Disneyland trash can Tuesday night.

The incident happened around 5:30 p.m. in the area of Mickey's Toontown, which was completely evacuated for about two hours as a precaution.

Vanessa Vasquez was with her family when she heard the "startling sound."

"Just a big boom and the trash can exploding…the lid coming up…people were at a standstill," said Vasquez. "It was kind of a little scary when I saw the whole area (look like a) ghost town."

Witness Treyson Brown said, "All of a sudden you hear this huge pop and you see some stuff out of the trash can."

"It was very tense at the moment it happened because you don't expect to hear that sound at Toontown," said visitor Allen Wolf.

Anaheim police, who called the Orange County sheriff's bomb squad to help with the investigation, said what appeared to be dry ice in a plastic bottle may have caused the blast.

"When they arrived, they kind of confirmed our suspicions and indicated it was possibly dry ice-related and that a water bottle made that noise," said Sgt. Bob Dunn.

Authorities said they will look at surveillance video to track down the suspect.

"We will be looking through that now. We'll be working into the early morning hours on this one," said Dunn.

There were no reports of any injuries.

Disneyland officials later made a statement via Twitter:

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