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Skateboard Challenge: Pro Skateboarder Busts Dangerous Tricks On Busy Freeway

LOS ANGELES ( — A pro skateboarder recently decided he'd had enough of L.A.'s aggravating traffic -- so he got out of the car and busted some tricks.

The video quickly went viral after the skater, Nakel Smith, posted it to Instagram last week. It even appeared to inspire some copycats, who have posted similar videos of their own with the hashtag, #FreewayChallenge.

In the video, which appeared to have been taken on the 110 Freeway near downtown Los Angeles, Smith does a quick trick and runs back into the car.

As dangerous as it looked, some drivers said they get it: L.A. traffic is so miserable that skateboarding the freeways is a legitimate diversion.

"I think it's pretty amazing actually," one disillusioned driver said. "As long as they don't get hurt. Love some entertainment during traffic."

Still, not everyone is amused.

KCAL9's Tom Wait reports the CHP says anyone taking part in the challenge faces jail time.

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