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2 Bear Cubs Break Into Car In Sierra Madre Neighborhood, Accidentally Locking Themselves Inside

SIERRA MADRE (CBSLA) -- Two bear cubs were caught on cell phone video breaking into a parked vehicle and then getting stuck inside.

The cubs shredded much of the leather interior of Jenny Kay's Infiniti G35 while trying to escape, and even took a couple of bites out of the driver's side door.

Kay said she left her doors closed but unlocked in her Sierra Madre neighborhood before going to sleep. Her dog, Willa, barked after hearing the bears causing a ruckus outside and woke her up to discover the scene. She still isn't sure what lured the bears to her vehicle.

"There wasn't any food that I'm aware of. Maybe like a little box of Boston Baked Beans candy. Sometimes I survive off of that. That's it," Kay said.

Police did arrive to find the bears and used a baton to open the door, freeing them to reunite with their mother.

Kay is still waiting to hear back from her insurance company about what's sure to be some costly damages.

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