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Showtime Gives Nod To Animated Trump Show Produced By Stephen Colbert

LOS ANGELES (  —    It's hardly a secret that Late Show host and executive producer Stephen Colbert is not a fan of the current president.

WATCH: Our Cartoon President on Showtime

Today, Colbert was going for the last laugh, literally, in front of TV Critics.  He announced that he was putting on a second hat -- as producer of a 10-part animated series about the Trump White House.

The series is headed to Showtime. (Showtime is also part of the CBS family.)

The untitled half-hour show is scheduled to premiere this fall.

In May, Trump fans waged a campaign to get Colbert fired from his network hosting gig after the late night comic made a joke about Trump and Vladimir Putin being, well, more than friends.

An animated Trump has appeared often on "Late Show" bits. Those bits were co-created by Tim Luecke who is expected to serve as lead animator and co-executive producer of the animated Showtime series.

It's Colbert's anti-Trump sketches and bits that are credited with him now leading the late-night TV audience. The animated show is described as "a work place comedy" but that all areas of the Trump White House are fair game, including golf buddies, meetings, family, etc.

Just Wednesday, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore (another Trump foe) told Colbert as a guest on "Late Show" that he believed comedy was the way to get to Trump.

"His thin skin, as you've pointed out," said Moore, "is so thin."

He added, "All we need is like a thousand or a million little comedy shivs -- just you know non-violent, don't hurt him. But just under his skin, because he can't take being laughed at."



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