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Shocking video shows truck fall over side of freeway, landing on separate wreckage from earlier crash

Driver details wild moments as he captured video of truck falling over side of freeway in Santa Clar
Driver details wild moments as he captured video of truck falling over side of freeway in Santa Clar 02:38

Ongoing rain appears to have caused chaos on Southland roadways Friday, as three separate crashes were reported at the same location in Santa Clarita. 

Shocking video taken by one driver shows a box truck falling over the side of the freeway guardrail in the Newhall Pass area at the interchange between the State Route 14 and I-5 Freeways. The truck can be seen slowly sliding towards the railing before toppling onto wreckage of a different crash below. 

The truck landed on an SUV and big rig that had already been involved in another crash earlier on Friday. 

Two people were injured as a result of the crash, one of which was hospitalized. Their condition was not immediately known. 

Tommy Dorado is the driver who captured the wild footage as he was waiting in traffic caused by the prior multi-car collision. He said he "never imagined seeing something like that."

"I honestly thought that there was major injuries, or worse," Dorado said, recounting the moments after the crash. "My first thought was like, 'I hope that box truck doesn't fall on top of one of them.'"

Perhaps even more shocking is the group of first responders who walked away from the spot where the truck fell, completely unscathed. 

California Highway Patrol says that the crashes began a little after 10 p.m. Thursday evening, with the other two occurring during the span of the next nine hours. 

CHP officials also confirmed that the wet weather appears to have factored into the repeat accidents.

30 to 40 gallons of diesel fuel are also said to have spilled onto the roadway, which crews had to clean up before roads could be reopened hours later.

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