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Sheriff Baca To Propose New $1B Jail Facility

LOS ANGELES ( — Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca will present a $1 billion plan this week to replace the antiquated the Men's Central Jail.

Sheriff Baca will propose the idea to the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors this week, KNX 1070's Pete Demetriou.

The total cost of the replacement jail, envisioned to hold 3,500 inmates, is approximately $932 million, with funding coming from issuing long-term bonds.

"Is it a significant amount of money? Absolutely. Are people hesitant about it? Absolutely. Be there is a component here that the Sheriff is pushing very hard. It is not a place to just warehouse people. He wants to educate them through what is known as education-based incarceration," said Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore.

Education-based incarceration is based on a theory that if an inmate has skills when he leaves, he is less likely to re-offend.

Baca's plan is backed by William Fujoika, the LA County Chief Administrative Officer, which should improve its chances of being approved.

If sanctioned, the new jail would be completed by 2020.

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