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Shelly Sterling Reportedly Makes Bid To Retain Ownership Of Clippers

LOS ANGELES ( — Rochelle "Shelly" Sterling is reportedly making moves to retain ownership of the Clippers if her husband is forced to sell the team.

But as Juan Fernandez reports for KCAL9, her plan might not sit well with the team, fans or the NBA who has made it clear they want Donald Sterling to cut all ties.


In an email to the Los Angeles Times, Sterling told the newspaper she has retained a law firm to work on her behalf -- keeping the team in her name alone.

Clippers fan Mike Titus said not so fast.

"We should find someone else to come in and take over the Clippers," he said. "No wife, no children. In my opinion, we need to cut all ties with Donald Sterling. Just hit refresh and start over from scratch."

Shelly was not included in the recent lifetime ban imposed by new NBA Commission Adam Silver against Donald Sterling.

Donald's estranged wife says she's been a fan of the Clippers for more than 30 years and sanctions against her husband don't include her or her family.

"I'd rather the focus be Blake Griffin or Chris Paul, as opposed to Donald Sterling," said Andy Keller, a fan.

Keller said he would be OK with Mrs. Sterling retaining ownership, with a caveat.

"As long as the players and everyone associated with the team was OK with it, I'd be OK with it, too," said Keller.

The NBA has not commented on Shelly's desire to keep the team.

Fernandez reported that "we also don't know what Donald Sterling's next move will be."






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