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Survivor Reunites With Doctors One Year After Shark Attack

CORONA DEL MAR ( — One year ago Monday a Corona woman's life changed when a shark attacked her during a swim off Corona Del Mar.

Just one bite from that shark broke ribs, tore muscles and punctured vital organs.

Maria Korcsmaros, who was training for a triathlon, never saw the shark coming. The Great White was estimated at 9-10 feet long. She was rushed near death to the OC Global Medical Center.

"I just remember being on the gurney and all these bright lights up above me," Korcsmaros said.

At the ER her we suit was still on her and she had lost a great deal of blood and doctors knew surgery was needed immediately.

"When I walked in, you could tell from the door what had happened and it was a first, I think for everyone in the room it was a first." Dr. Phillip Rotter said.

On Monday there was a mini reunion in that same Trauma Bay. They talked about her grim outlook a year ago and her remarkable recovery today.

Korcsmaros has become a volunteer at the hospital's trauma unit that saved her life.

"Just to give back and have that positive outlook, I think is so crucial to your recovery."

Korcsmaros is training for a triathlon in Big Bear on June 24, her 54th birthday.

Shark sightings have been all over Southern California beaches this spring. Laguna Beach and Dana Point are the latest areas to post advisories. There were no closures as of Monday.



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