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Serial Animal Torturer Wanted In El Monte

EL MONTE (CBS) — El Monte police are searching for a serial animal torturer who has bound and mutilated several corpses found in a local park.

Police say the bodies of one dog and three cats were found in Rio Vista Park over the past several weeks.

Two of the animals' limbs were discovered bound together and a cat was found mutilated.

"His paws were duct taped and he was gutted," said Timothy Gutierrez who came across two of the animals while he was looking for his own lost cat.

Police say all of the corpses were put in the same area near a trail and appear to be left in plain view.

"It's not a high school prank. This is a felony crime and whoever did it is going to be brought to justice," Detective Ralph Batres.

Officials say animal torture is often a precursor to other violent crimes.

"If you can do something like this to a cat then you can always do something that escalates into other crimes. But we want to get this solved as soon as possible," said Detective Batres.

The neighborhood surrounding the park has sent out flyers and held a community action meeting.

El Monte police say they do not have a suspect and are urging the public to report suspicious activity.

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