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Segways, Selfies And Amazon Prime: Hipster Nativity Scene Reimagines The First Christmas

LOS ANGELES ( — Imagine if the original family Christmas photo had been a selfie.

That's the idea behind the Millennial Nativity set, which reimagines the birth of Christ "in the age of iPhones and man buns".

The set's centerpiece - made by the San Diego-based company Modern Nativity - includes figurines of Joseph and Mary posing over the baby Jesus for a selfie.

Sporting a man bun and a denim shirt, Joseph holds the iPhone, while Mary - seen wearing an off-the-shoulder sweater - has a Starbucks-style coffee cup and flashes a two-fingered "peace" symbol as she "shows off her high cheek bones with her best duck face."

The baby Jesus, swaddled in the traditional blanket, also sports a handmade beanie.

And it's not just your average Bethlehem stable - this version includes an array of solar panels on the roof in an effort "to solve global warming", according to the site.

Three hipster wise men, meanwhile, are featured standing on their Segways bearing gifts in Amazon Prime boxes.

Like most Nativity scenes, the Millennial Nativity also has its own version of a shepherd (who just happens to be Snapchatting on his iPhone), a sheep and a cow - except this sheep is clothed in a Christmas-style sweater while the "100% Organic" cow feeds from a gluten-free stall.

"It wouldn't be a modern day birth if at least one person wasn't putting it on Instagram," according to the product description.

The Millennial Nativity set retails for just under $130.

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