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'See Jane Go' Launches Ride-Hailing For Women Driving Women

ORANGE ( — A company in Orange Tuesday announced it is launching a new ride-hailing service that is operated by women and caters to women.

See Jane Go offers an alternative to Uber and Lyft. The company is putting women in the driver seat in an industry dominated by men.

Jane is designed for women. So only women can drive for Jane, and only women can hail a ride with Jane. Riders are also encouraged to bring children along.

But men are not completely excluded. They are allowed to ride with Jane, as long as a female passenger is with him and can vouch for him.

See Jane Go is the brainchild of Savannah Jordan, 18, of San Juan Capistrano. Her father, William Jordan, founded the company after she and her sister expressed interest in ride-hailing and even working for companies like Uber and Lyft.

"The one thing that I love about See Jane go is that it really does feel like family. We're like a girlfriend," Jordan said. "You're not going to feel anxious when you're getting into this car. It's going to feel so comfortable to you."

Jane will offer its first rides in Orange County at the end of the summer and plans to expand to other major cities.

Debra LeClerc was the first to apply to be a driver. Her DMV and criminal backgrounds will be checked.

She said she likes being a driver because she wants to meet people. "I'm a people person. And I like the idea of women driving for women."

See Jane Go is similar to the female ride-hailing company, Safeher, based in Boston.

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